Streetlife" media platform launched

The Swiss online platform is officially launched. As of now, the media site publishes news, facts and trends on the topics of mobility and transport.

Where do people argue about 30 km/h speed limits, when should they switch to e-mobility, or with which car do they experience real driving pleasure? The Platform "Streetlife is intended to provide answers to questions relating to mobility and transport.

Newsroom in Zurich-Altstetten

Streetlife Media AG, based in Zurich, is behind the online platform. The startup was founded at the end of 2021. "Over 4.7 million passenger cars are redeemed in Switzerland. That has a lot of potential," CEO Raffaele Sutter is quoted as saying in a statement. "We want to build Streetlife into the indispensable source of information for drivers."

The platform focuses on individual motorized transport. The operators are convinced that there is hardly any other topic that is discussed more passionately in Switzerland than the lack of parking spaces, excessive fines, excessive traffic taxes, speed limits that are too low, or mobility as the basis for the economy and welfare in Switzerland.

Here, the Streetlife editorial team aims to deliver thoroughly researched articles, new statistics and facts, and exciting background reports. A team of six works in the newsroom in Zurich-Altstetten under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Silvana Guanziroli: "We research persistently, without fear of contact. Especially when it comes to individual transport, there is definitely more than one way of looking at things. And we want to show them all."

Community should join in the discussion

At Streetlife, the community is part of the concept. The social media-first strategy is based on expanding direct interaction. Topics are discussed, readers get involved. This also applies to the website, which does not have a paywall.
"We want road users to be able to share their joy but also their frustration. This exchange keeps our content relevant," adds Sutter.

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