Eliane Leiser is the new host of the "Samstagsrundschau" on Radio SRF

From mid-August 2023, domestic editor Eliane Leiser will join the team of presenters led by Oliver Washington and Nik Meier on Radio SRF 1's talk show "Samstagsrundschau".

(Image: SRF/Gian Vaitl)

Eliane Leiser has been working for SRF in various functions for around ten years. After various stations at Radio SRF 4 News - for example, as a presenter of the "Politikum" format - the 36-year-old is currently working as a domestic editor at Radio SRF. After the summer break, Leiser will join Oliver Washington and Nik Meier on the "Samstagsrundschau" team and get to the bottom of the political and business world.

"For me, the 'Samstagsrundschau' is proof that good formats don't age - precise in their subject matter, controversial in their execution, lively on the ear. I'm looking forward to this challenge," says Eliane Leiser.

Leiser will lead the show for the first time on Aug. 19, 2023.

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