New magazine for cinema fans "Film Guide" launched

"Film Guide" is designed to inform moviegoers about new films. The new print magazine is published by the Portmann Group.

Cinema is on the upswing again. Since the beginning of 2023, over 4.8 million tickets have been sold in Switzerland, according to the industry association ProCinema - an increase of 41 percent compared to the previous year, which was still marked by the pandemic. And the upturn was also clearly noticeable at the world's largest film festival in Cannes, which has just ended.

New magazine launched

For this reason, film expert and TV presenter Philipp Portmann of the Portmann Group has decided to invest in a new and modern magazine for film fans. It appears for the first time on Fridays in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland under the title "Film Guide". With a total circulation of 100,000 copies, the monthly magazine is available free of charge in cinemas. "We continue to believe in the unique 'cinema' experience, as well as the power of a print magazine, which, today more than ever, stands out in the flood of digital media offerings," says Portmann.

Using each medium to its strengths

In addition to articles and interviews, a special service in the center of the magazine will be a poster with all the film releases of the month. And everything that a print magazine cannot do, such as play a trailer or display the movie program updated daily, will be offered, initially in the German edition, via QR codes that lead to the in-house web platform "Kinowetter. In this way, print and online are to be linked and each medium used to its strengths.

The team behind "Film Guide

Jean-Pierre Grey, who has published the magazine "Film imminent/Avant première" co-founded 36 years ago, takes over as product manager. Carmine Carpenito becomes editor-in-chief of the German edition and Bernard Achour of the French edition. Ana von Halle, Raya AbiRached and Mathilde Bernard work as correspondents. Art Director Romano Bassi is responsible for the entire print and online image.

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