NZZ launches new weekly podcast

With "NZZ Megahertz," the Neue Zürcher Zeitung launches a new weekly podcast. It is devoted to contemporary issues, social and cultural debates, and topics such as partnership and well-being.

A new podcast for the NZZ: "NZZ Megahertz" is dedicated to contemporary issues from various fields: Society, psychology, health, partnership, self-optimization or well-being - topics that occupy all form. In the 30- to 35-minute episodes, the two hosts Jenny Rieger and Oliver Camenzind explore these topics with their respective interlocutors, go in search of new answers, and give space for the personal.

Topics of the first episodes are "Are singles happier?", "Who needs small talk?", "Does diversity make the job better?" or "How
can we talk about dying?".

"NZZ Megahertz" (claim: 'The podcast for the heart. And for the head.') will complement the existing daily podcast "NZZ Akzent" with its selection of topics and weekly publication. The 15-minute podcast "NZZ Akzent" has been dedicated to current topics in politics, business, and technology on a daily basis for three years. The first podcast episode of "NZZ Megahertz" can be heard now at and on all popular podcast apps.

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