APG|SGA: Delivery of DOOH campaigns is now PwC-verified

APG|SGA was subjected to an audit procedure by the independent PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) regarding correct delivery and reporting of digital campaigns and successfully verified. The SWA welcomes this step.

APG|SGA was independently examined and successfully verified by PwC in various areas with regard to its digital out-of-home processes. This also includes programmatic campaigns, which APG|SGA handles via VIOOH. PwC has conducted its work in
Performed in accordance with International Standard on Related Services (ISRS) 4400 (Revised) "Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements."

These areas were reviewed:

Broadcasting and processes: The broadcasts of the advertising campaigns on the digital advertising media of APG|SGA are in accordance with the playback duration agreed with the customers. In addition, the campaign details such as number of broadcasts, prices, products, and campaign name were checked and found to be correct. Furthermore, it was confirmed that no additional costs are charged to customers in the event of longer run times than agreed and that appropriate compensation is paid to customers in the event of underdelivery.

Hardware: It was confirmed that the processes for maintenance and servicing are documented and strictly adhered to. If booked broadcasts are not possible due to technical faults, customers will not be billed for these.

Content check: PwC's audit showed that each advertising medium is checked technically and in terms of content before it is broadcast and is thus played out correctly in every case, and that the advertising restrictions that apply per screen are taken into account.

"With the certificate, advertising customers can rest assured that digital out-of-home campaigns are executed with the utmost care and transparency, and that the agreed DOOH spots are actually delivered," says Roland Ehrler, Director of SWA (Schweizer Werbe-Auftraggeberverband).

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