Livesystems: New performance values for DOOH

Livesystems had the performance values of its DOOH inventory remeasured in cooperation with the market research institute intervista. This should provide more precise data on the reach and performance of all Livesystems' advertising screens.

Livesystems has recalculated its DOOH performance data. For this purpose, the market research institute Intervista was commissioned, in whose Footprints panel the advertising contacts with Livesystems' screens are measured. This panel comprises around 3,000 people who have the Footprints Research app installed on their smartphones. Different measurement technologies are used in the app for the various Livesystems advertising networks: contacts with screens in public transport and with city screens on streets and squares are accurately recorded using GPS tracking and data from the smartphone's motion and rotation sensors. Advertising contacts in stores, at gas pumps or at multi-story objects such as train stations are registered via beacons, which are integrated into the Livesystems screens.

The advertising contacts are visibility-weighted. This ensures that criteria that have a significant influence on contact quality are taken into account when calculating the contact values (e.g. length of stay at the screens, viewing angle, speed at passage).

High data quality

With this measurement for all networks, Livesystems aims to provide unique data on the performance of their entire inventory. The high data quality and level of detail is intended to create the transparency needed to ensure professional and targeted DOOH media planning. The data is available immediately in Livesystems' planning tool, the "Inventory Finder", free of charge and without a license.

The data is updated semi-annually, each spring and fall. This ensures that the performance values always remain current and that the ongoing expansion of Livesystems' DOOH inventory is reflected.

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