APG|SGA puts new screens with interactive city information system into operation in Ascona

APG|SGA has been granted exclusive rights for three new double-sided screens at top locations in Ascona. These combine interactive city communication with advertising messages.

Thanks to the touchscreen, passers-by can navigate on one side and receive up-to-date information relevant to them about Ascona. On the other hand, advertisers can broadcast their digital campaigns with animations in prime locations. The new 75-inch digital billboards are located in three central locations in Via Albarelle, Via Borgo and Via del Collegio. One screen offers a data-updated city information system.

Information on opening hours, hotels, events, museums and maps of the surrounding area from Google Maps can be controlled on this page with touch function by passers-by themselves by touching the screen and downloaded to their smartphone via QR code. On the other screen page without touch function, advertisers can play out their animated campaigns digitally or programmatically at highly frequented top locations in the attractive center. APG|SGA reports that 95,200 contacts are reached per week. The loop length is 60 seconds. The new advertising media are energy-efficient and run on green electricity. They can be booked individually and flexibly with immediate effect, or can be combined with other digital networks and APG|SGA's 47 analog spaces in Ascona.

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