"Studio 404": Switzerland's first creator-driven satire show

After a year of radio silence, the makers of "Zwei am Morge" will return under a new flag starting March 26, 2023: "Studio 404" is Switzerland's first creator-driven satire show.

The new program "Studio 404" focuses on the entire team - and not just on individual presenters. Image: SRF.

There's Böhmermann, Deville and Joko & Klaas. All of these shows have one thing in common: hosts host the shows, but a whole team of creative minds works in the background, rarely if ever appearing in front of the camera. In contrast, the new format "Studio 404" focuses not on individual faces, but on an entire collective.

The back story: In March 2022, Switzerland's first YouTube comedy show, "Zwei am Morge," came to an end. The two figureheads Ramin Yousofzai and Robin Pickis left the show, but the rest of the team stayed, put their heads together and came to the conclusion that outstanding content does not necessarily have to be tied to individual presenters. The team is expanded to include up-and-coming talents from the Swiss comedy scene, and step by step an ensemble is created that now performs under the name "Studio 404": different characters with whom the community can identify and mentally ally - for the flight of fancy, but also for the total breakdown.

Every Sunday a new video

Every Sunday evening from March 26, 2023, the team will produce a special video in a different format - parody, challenge or sensational action. Content that goes beyond the bubbles and is aimed at the target group of over-25s and under-40s, which is often left out between short-lived TikTok videos and classic satirical shows. Sharp-tongued to cynical entertainment for a generation that sometimes feels a little lost between boomer dreams and a looming future and finds a home here.

In addition, starting March 30, 2023, there will be a weekly on the channels of "Studio 404" a YouTube showas it has probably never existed in this form before: Who has to moderate is determined anew with each edition. Even the script does not know the chosen person. In return, the host or presenter is given absolute creative freedom as far as the staging in the studio is concerned. The result is a tug-of-war between host and producers - and probably the most chaotic weekly review in Switzerland.

The show is every Thursday from 20.00 on youtube.com/srfstudio404 and Play SRF and will be broadcast every Friday before "SRF Newsflash" on SRF zwei from April 14. Additional content is available on Instagram (@srfstudio404), TikTok (@srfstudio404) and as a podcast on all audio streaming platforms.

"Studio 404" are: Matthias Püntener, Philip Wiederkehr, David Meury, Jenna Meichtry, Jozo Brica, Julia Hostettler, Mateo Gudenrath, Rebekka Pérez, Janik Schäfli, Nefeli Avgeris, Jonas Ballmann, Luc Peyer, Till Wittmer, Neil Werndli and Tim Allenspach. This list is not yet final, the team of "Studio 404" will be continuously supplemented.

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