On our own account: Galledia subsidiary continues to run ASMIQ.one

As of April 1, 2023, ASMIQ AG will transfer the continuation of operations of the subscriber management system ASMIQ.one to ASMIQ I/O - a subsidiary of Galledia Group AG, to which this medium also belongs. Six employees will be taken over by the successor company.

ASMIQ AG, operator of the renowned subscriber management system ASMIQ.one, is transferring the continuation of operations to the successor company ASMIQ I/O (www.asmiq.io), a subsidiary of Galledia, as of April 1, 2023. Six employees from software development will be taken over by ASMIQ I/O.

Since its foundation in 2018, ASMIQ AG has focused on the operation and further development of the subscriber management system ASMIQ.one. The cloud-based software solution was developed specifically for Swiss magazine and newspaper publishers. All address preparation and delivery processes as well as their peculiarities in subscription management are fully covered by the software.

Add-ons and APIs enable, among other things, the user management of online portals in ASMIQ.one as well as the connection of third-party systems to the subscriber management system. With ASMIQ.one, ASMIQ I/O can take over a modern software solution that has proven itself in the market and develop it further accordingly. The proximity to the largest independent media company in eastern Switzerland ensures targeted software development. In addition, further services such as subscriber management can be provided by the group of companies.

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