Studio Thom Pfister stages new Swiss Bauer magazine

The Swiss publisher Bauer Verlag launches the Schweizer Bauer Magazin on Saturday. Studio Thom Pfister developed and implemented the complete branding of the new magazine - with name, logo, design concept and visual language.

The contract also included the screen design and programming of the online magazine, a launch event with exhibition and a corresponding media launch campaign.

The result is a refreshing and modern design. According to the agency, the print magazine is one of the first in the world to be produced entirely according to the "Cradle to Cradle Gold Standard". This means that only materials that are safe for the natural/biological cycle are used.

The new magazine thrives on "contrasts" and builds bridges between city and country. Sustainable consumption and knowledge about local producers are to be increased. With stories and pictures under the headings of country, people, life and enjoyment, readers will gain insights into the diversity of Swiss agriculture.

The Swiss Farmer Magazine will be published four times a year from now on.

Responsible at Schweizer Bauer: Simon Langenegger (Publishing Director and Managing Director), Therese Krähenbühl-Müller (Editorial Director), Julia Spahr (Editorial Director), Mike Fries (Advertising Sales), Irene Heynen (Advertising Sales), Alexandra Furrer (Advertising Sales). Responsible at Studio Thom Pfister: Thom Pfister (Creative Director, Photo Direction), Roland Zenger (Art Director, Print and Digital), Daniel Hackiewicz (Web Development, Senior Designer), Noemi Bünzli (Graphic Design) Ursula Rytz & Laura Capponi (Consulting, Production and Coordination). Photography, art and animation: Studio Attila Janes. Photography and film: Oli Hallberg. Online Magazine: Studio Thom Pfister, Meier. Media agency: Ceres Media. Printer: Birds.

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