NZZ can increase its profit

The NZZ company achieved an operating result of 30.2 million francs last year. This is an all-time high for the past ten years, according to a statement on Wednesday. Sales amounted to 247.1 million francs.

Thomas Meyer (left) and Florian Harms are proposed for the Board of Directors of NZZ. (Pictures: zVg.)

The growth came from the digital market, as the NZZ writes in its press release. Thus, 12.5 percent subscribers to digital products were added. Overall, the number of subscribers increased by just two percent.

The growth of the digital advertising specialist "Audienzz" and the result from the investment in CH Media also had a positive impact. Compared to the previous year, NZZ was again able to benefit from the event business.

In the advertising market, the result of 77.3 million Swiss francs in sales was at a similar level to 2021. Here, too, revenues declined in print and increased in digital. The NZZ now generates significantly more revenue in the digital space than in the traditional newspaper sector, according to the statement.

Change at the top

The result will also be felt by the shareholders. NZZ will pay out dividends of 200 francs. In addition, there will be a special dividend of 400 francs due to the reorganization of the shareholding structure at CH Media.

At the Annual General Meeting in April, there will be a change at the top. Etienne Jornod, Chairman of the Board of Directors, will step down and be succeeded by Isabelle Welton. Florian Harms and Thomas Meyer have also been proposed for the Board of Directors. They are to succeed Welton and Bernd Kudrun. (SDA)

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