New cooperation brings in-game audio advertising to Switzerland

With the cooperation between Swiss Radioworld and the British start-up Audiomob, advertisers can reach gamers on their cell phones with audio ads - without interrupting the game.

Radio mediator Swiss Radioworld, a subsidiary of the Goldbach Group, is now cooperating with Audiomob, the British, internationally active marketer and provider of in-game audio advertising solutions. Advertisers can thus also reach people gaming on their smartphones with audio advertising - a first in Switzerland. The in-game audio ad can be booked on the specially designed network via Swiss Radioworld. It is embedded directly in the game as a stand-alone spot, but does not interrupt the game in progress. The advertising message is only played at a volume of at least 30 percent - in other words, it is heard.

There are three different formats for the new advertising offer:

  • In the case of user-initiated ads, users determine when the spot is to be played by tapping on the banner.
  • With the skippable ad, players can decide during a 5-second countdown whether they want to listen to the audio spot.
  • The Rewarded Ad rewards users with in-game rewards such as additional lives, skills or tips for the next level.

The in-game audio ads also offer targeting options according to socio-demographic characteristics, interests or game typology. This creates additional touchpoints for comprehensive audio and cross-media campaigns. Goldbach Media reports that the first campaigns have already been launched.

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