SwissMediaForum and VSM strengthen cooperation

The Swiss Media Publishers Association VSM is one of the sponsors of the SwissMediaForum industry event, along with the major private media companies and SRG. The upcoming event in May 2023 is intended to strengthen the existing cooperation.

(Image: SwissMediaForum)

In the course of this, the VSM General Meeting will be held immediately before the SwissMediaForum on May 11 in the KKL Luzern, according to a statement. In addition, the VSM - along with TX Group, Ringier, CH Media, NZZ and SRG - will be hosting the media dinner on the evening of the SwissMediaForum. And as in previous years, the VSM is again organizing a break-out session as a program element of the SwissMediaForum.

Registrations for the VSM General Meeting and for the SwissMediaForum are now possible. VSM members benefit from special conditions.

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