For the career after the career: New podcast "Character Heads

What happens to sports stars when they retire? How do they make the step into professional life? Beni Huggel and Rahel Kiwic address these questions in their new podcast series. The production was technically supervised by the Basel agency -Tner.

Former professional soccer players Beni Huggel and Rahel Kiwic together with eight active and former sports professionals as well as HR and marketing specialists form the Athletes Network team and prepare athletes for the step into professional life already during their active career.

Signet and sound design for the "character heads" come from former radio and TV presenter Christoph Baumgartner with his Basel agency -Tner. He has technically supported Rahel Kiwic as a podcast producer from the very beginning and trained her in the handling of the digital audio workstation Logic Pro X.

-Tner pursues the goal of enabling customers to produce their podcasts independently. Roman Huber and Felix Hohl from Tonton Basel were responsible for mixing and mastering the jingle and bed.

Stereo instead of studs

Kiwic and Huggel switch from the kicking boots to the microphone and talk to guests such as Petra Feigl-Faessler, Head of HR Migros Industrie, Joko Vogel, Co-Founder and -CEO at Cycling Unlimited, national soccer player Martina Moser and Davide Callà, assistant coach at FC Basel, in their new podcast "Character Heads".

They provide insights into their everyday professional lives and talk about how active and former top athletes can make the most of their experience in their new jobs. Every two weeks, and the well-known podcast portals publish a new episode of around 45 minutes each.

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