CO2: Switzerland's news sites are this environmentally friendly

A comparison of the four largest news websites shows: is the "cleanest". The reasons are speed and consistent use of sustainable energy sources.

Greenhouse gas emissions from digital services such as news websites make a significant contribution to the daily environmental impact. The more complex a website is, the more energy it requires for each individual loading process - and the greater the
their influence on our climate. What is still hardly taken into account in news consumption today: Every click and every page view requires energy and thus causes CO2 . For years, the methodology and formulas for calculating CO2 emissions from websites have been further developed and refined. and are tools that base their calculations on standardized values.

A comparison of the four most visited news websites in Switzerland (,,, showed that users produce the least CO2 with their news consumption. According to itself, this is due to speed and the consistent use of sustainable energy sources.


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