NZZ editorial team launches comprehensive continuing education initiative

With a comprehensive training program developed together with the MAZ, the NZZ wants to make itself fit for the digital transformation.

NZZ SonntagThe demands on journalism are changing rapidly in the wake of the digital transformation. One reason for the NZZ to launch a broad-based continuing education initiative for the entire editorial team. The aim is to provide all editors with a comprehensive range of continuing education courses tailored to their level of knowledge. The courses were developed in cooperation with MAZ, the Swiss School of Journalism.

Four different areas

The offer includes one-week training courses in the areas of fundamentals of digitization, data journalism, open source
Intelligence (Osint) and editorial data analysis (Audience). "There is no alternative to digital transformation," says NZZ Editor-in-Chief Eric Gujer. "For us, it is therefore strategically important which direction the development will take in the next few years.
goes." With the training program, the NZZ is continuing to expand the digital knowledge of its editorial team in a targeted manner - and across all areas. The aim is to expand existing digital knowledge and develop a common idea of what digitization means for the NZZ, said Carola Ettenreich, Deputy Editor-in-Chief. The goal, she said, is for all employees from the editorial team to participate in at least one
of these four course weeks participate.

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