Blick TV launches "Buch(li)gfühl" video format

Short, snappy, controversial: In the new video section "Buch(li)gfühl" on, Steffi Buchli, Editor-in-Chief of Sports, doesn't mince words. In the weekly video format, Blick TV viewers get an unfiltered insight into Buchli's world of thoughts.

In each episode, Steffi Buchli expresses her views on topics that are currently on her mind. The short two-minute clips can be about sports, but also about current news and trends. The first episode of "Buch(li)gfühl" is about the The trials and tribulations of FC Lucerne.

"We were looking for a maximum digital format that fits our DNA," explains Steffi Buchli. "Blick stands for a clear stance. I know that our female sports users also have strong opinions, and I hope for a lively exchange with the community. It's already working out wonderfully with the first issue on FC Luzern."

"Steffi's opinion is trenchant and her view goes far beyond the realm of sports. Her feel for topics that move people is worth its weight in gold. So it's all the more gratifying that her book(li)feeling is getting its own distinctive video format," says Sandro Inguscio, Editor-in-Chief of & Blick TV.

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