Blick TV reported on successful RhB world record attempt

The Rhaetian Railway RhB entered the history books on Saturday with the world's longest passenger train. Blick TV reported live and exclusively on the spectacular record attempt.

(Image: Philipp Schmidli)

On the occasion of its 175th anniversary of Swiss Railways, the RhB ran the longest passenger train in the world on Saturday: 25 compositions, 100 cars - and a total of 1906 meters long. The train traveled 25 kilometers on the Albula line, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site, from Preda via Bergün and the Landwasser Viaduct to Alvaneu.

For Blick TV, the RhB world record attempt is the largest production since the founding of Switzerland's first digital TV in February 2020. In cooperation with the production company NEP, 55 people made the live broadcast possible. 19 cameras provided images - including on and off the train, via drones, on mountain peaks and from a helicopter.

Blick TV started the day on Saturday with a focus show at 11.30 a.m., before the countdown show started at 1.30 p.m.. From 2:20 p.m., all eyes and cameras were then on the XXL train that set off from Preda. Along the railroad line, Blick TV reported from three of its own studios and with guests from the event.

"After intensive preparation, we are overjoyed to have succeeded in setting this world record. Not only did we have a wonderful rail festival here in Bergün, but thanks to committed partners and sponsors, as well as an incredibly dedicated team, we were able to present ourselves worldwide as a fascinating and innovative mountain railroad with this record-breaking run," said Renato Fasciati, Director of the RhB shortly after the world record was completed. The success of the world record was officially confirmed on site by Guinnes World Records. The entry reads: "longest narrow gauge passenger train".

The spectacular attempt also received media coverage beyond the borders: Over 120 media representatives from 15 countries followed the world record live.

Facts and figures about the world record attempt

  • The train consisted of 25 compositions, each with four cars of the new Capricorn multiple units, and was a total of 1,906 meters long.
  • "Capricorn" is the Rhaeto-Romanic term for ibex.
  • 24,930 meters long is the world record route from Preda to Alvaneu.
  • In the process, 789.4 meters of altitude were climbed (Preda = 1788.7 meters above sea level; Alvaneu = 999.3 meters above sea level).
  • The world record journey led over 48 bridges and through 22 tunnels.
  • The largest viaduct on the world record route is the world-famous Landwasser Viaduct shortly after Filisur, with a length of 142 meters and a height of 65 meters.
  • The longest tunnel on the world record route is the Greifenstein Tunnel just before Filisur at 698 meters.
  • The world record test drive generated 4000 kWh of braking energy (recuperation).
  • The world record train was traveling at 30 to 35 km/h.
  • The record drive lasted about an hour.
  • About 2990 tons was the weight of the record train.
  • Communication within the platoon was ensured by means of a nearly 2-kilometer-long field telephone provided by the Civil Defense.
  • In addition, seven engine drivers and 21 technicians were deployed on the train to enable it to run.

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