Avenir Suisse: Ideas for a media order of the future

In a new study, Avenir Suisse analyzes the media system, outlines measures that can be implemented in the short term and develops ideas for a media order of the future.

Newspapers, radio and television are increasingly losing their audiences - so far, so well known. But at the same time, a lot of new things have emerged in the media sector. Online platforms are recording steadily growing access figures, traditional publishing houses have transformed into multimedia organizations, and media start-ups have been founded. On an aggregate level, there are significantly more media professionals today than there were twenty years ago.

Meanwhile, hardly anything has changed in terms of media policy, according to Avenir Suisse. The think tank makes concrete proposals to reduce problematic side effects in the short term in order to specifically address a market failure in the long term. According to Avenir Suisse, the following applies in principle: The general framework conditions for the media in Switzerland are good.

The concrete proposals of the think tank, which is working on new ideas for Switzerland, as well as other reform ideas are available at at Avenir Suisse and the 97-page study for download. The video answers the most important questions.


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