Insel Group launches health magazine

"Insel" is the name of the Insel Group's new magazine. It is published twice a year and is intended to provide readers with interesting information on everyday health topics that have been highlighted by Insel experts. On Friday the first expenditure appears.

The Insel Group hospitals in Aarberg, Belp, Bern, Münsingen and Riggisberg are rich in topics, contexts and stories that want to be told. The new health magazine Island is aimed at a broad public in the canton of Berne and is published twice a year as a newspaper supplement. In addition, the magazine is available in the hospitals of the Insel Group.

Educational mission of the Insel Group

As an institution that combines primary care with cutting-edge university medicine and teaching with research, the Insel Group is also committed to an educational mission. The magazine is intended to illuminate health topics from different angles and present them to readers in understandable language. Island also functions as a guidebook and, with the help of reports, interviews, and the voices of patients and experts, provides readers with concrete impetus to better understand health issues in everyday life.

Close to people 

The first issue will be published on Friday, October 21, 2022 and will be devoted to the topic of sleep. In addition to the informative aspects, however, entertainment will not be neglected. "The diversity of our company is reflected in the content of the magazine. We are pleased to present exciting columns by professional athlete and doctor Marlen Reusser, and also focus on everyday life, for example by sharing suggestions for dining or leisure activities," explains Simon Schmid, Head of Marketing Insel Group.

Cooperation with Stämpfli and

The 52-page health magazine is to stand out with a modern design and a high proportion of images in order to reach the heterogeneous target groups in the best possible way. The magazine is being produced in collaboration with Stämpfli Kommunikation, the agency and authors from the Insel Group.

The next issue of Island with the theme "Matter of the Heart" is scheduled to appear in spring 2023.

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