SRF launches new knowledge format "Puls Check" on YouTube

The new SRF health magazine "Puls Check" is presented by two medical students, Willi Balandies and Afreed Ashraf. The YouTube format covers topics related to health and wellness.

Since the beginning of 2022, the redesigned "Puls" has been linear on the channel and, in addition to the "Puls" chat, also includes the digital-first format "Puls kompakt," which is regularly played out on the SRF News social media channels and on the "SRF Wissen" web portal.

Now SRF is launching "Puls Check," another knowledge format - specially designed for young people. In eight- to twelve-minute videos, the two medical students Willi Balandies and Afreed Ashraf address health and wellness topics that concern or interest the community. For example, the format clarifies common misconceptions and myths and uses a fact check to show what really helps.

In the first episode, Balandies and Ashraf start with the topic of alcohol consumption and its consequence for the body. In the next episodes, they address the topics of opiates and mate tea. A shortened version of the videos can also be seen regularly in the program "Puls" on SRF 1.

The target group for the new knowledge format includes people between the ages of 25 and 34. They receive in-depth information about health and wellness topics from their everyday lives - myths are cleared up, tips are provided.

The first issue of "Pulse Check" appeared on Wednesday on the YouTube Hub "SRF Knowledge. New episodes are to follow at two-week intervals.

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