Netzcourage association rebuffs complaints to the Press Council

The Swiss Press Council has rejected two complaints against 20 Minuten and the Tages-Anzeiger. The Netzcourage association took action against the reporting of a tweet published by the "Megafon" editorial team at the Bern Reitschule.

The Press Council has rejected the complaints, according to a statement on Tuesday. The offending tweet includes a drawing of an execution scene from the time of the French Revolution. In it, a head severed by a guillotine is presented. The photo of Tamedia journalist Michéle Binswanger is mounted above the originally drawn head.

The two complaints from the Netzcourage association criticized in particular that the execution scene was taken out of context in the reporting and robbed of its satirical character. The readership could not conclude the context.

Central element

The Press Council has now rejected both complaints. The beheading scene described was a central element of the tweet. 20 minutes have briefly and simply presented the background of the controversy between the Reitschule Bern and the journalist.

In the article of the Tages-Anzeiger, which is a commentary, the background and reason for the commentary would be given in spirit.

Jolanda Spiess-Hegglin, who heads the Netzcourage association, had given the Reitschule tweet a Like. Binswanger is working on a book that Spiess-Hegglin wants to prevent in court. (SDA)

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