Salt wants additional fee of 6 francs for replay TV without forced advertising

Shortly before the start of forced advertising on time-shifted television, Salt also announces the price for skipping the advertising blocks. The telecom provider now charges 6 francs per month for this, as Salt announced on Friday.

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From Tuesday, compulsory advertising will be introduced on time-shifted TV on German-language private stations. Specifically, this means that when a program starts on replay TV, an advertising report of 5 to 7 seconds will be displayed that cannot be skipped. Likewise, forced advertising is displayed when the pause button is pressed.

Finally, there is a commercial break with two to three spots of a maximum of 130 seconds, which is played if viewers want to fast-forward through the much longer commercial break during the replay. The broadcasters can now prevent rewinding during commercials for up to a maximum of four minutes per broadcast hour.

This is being introduced at 19 German-language private stations. These are almost all channels from RTL Deutschland (RTL, Vox, Nitro, RTLZWEI), the Seven.One Entertainment Group (ProSieben, SAT.1, Kabel Eins, ProSieben Maxx, SAT.1 Gold, Sixx, Puls 8) and CH Media (TV24, TV25, S1, 3+, 4+, 5+, 6+, 7+/Nick Schweiz). From next year, they will be joined by more than a dozen Swiss regional stations, as well as N-TV and Super RTL.

TV stations complain about advertising losses

So starting next week, customers will have to endure advertising on German-language private TV stations when they fast-forward through commercial breaks, or pay more. Salt will charge an additional 6 francs per month for this.

However, the telecommunications provider had already introduced an additional charge of CHF 3.95 per month for seven-day replay TV in May. The previous replay of 30 hours was already abolished for new customers in March.

Two weeks ago, the competitors had already announced their prices for time-shifted television without compulsory advertising. Swisscom charges CHF 6.90 per month for skipping commercial breaks, Sunrise CHF 7.90 and Sunrise's low-cost brand Yallo CHF 7.95.

At the cable network Quickline, skipping commercial breaks costs 5 francs, as does Teleboy. The streaming provider Zattoo continues to offer replay TV at no extra charge in the most expensive subscription.

Over 200 stations without forced advertising

The reason for the additional fees is the industry agreement reached last year by TV broadcasters, collecting societies and TV distributors on the so-called Joint Tariff 12 (GT12). With this, TV stations want to compensate for the advertising revenues that are lost due to the fast-forwarding of commercial breaks.

However, Salt pointed out that of the approximately 260 channels it offers, replay and recording functions would remain unchanged for all other approximately 240 channels. (SDA)

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