Media houses have not yet decided on wage increases

In the Swiss media industry, nothing has yet been decided regarding employee wages for next year.

At SRG, CH Media and NZZ, the corresponding talks are currently underway, while at TX Group the decisions regarding possible wage increases will not be made until next year. These were the statements made by the heads of the above-mentioned media companies on Thursday at the Swiss Media Forum in Lucerne.

Financing journalism continues to be a difficult undertaking for the Swiss media industry. At Ringier, for example, a large part of the profits now no longer come from traditional journalistic activities, explained CEO Walder. In this respect, the good results of various media companies last year must be put into perspective, said the Ringier CEO.

CH Media publisher Peter Wanner is also not sure whether money can still be earned with journalism in the future. As a counterweight, his group has built up the entertainment division. "We want to earn money with it," says Wanner, explaining his motivation for doing so. In front of the assembled Swiss media scene, however, he was quite self-critical about the content offered on his TV stations. "Some of it is a bit trashy, but the audience wants it.

Wanner identifies the SRG as one of the problems for the private media. "All media would be better off if the SRG focused more on its core tasks," he says. In this respect, he has certain sympathies for the 200-franc initiative to reduce radio and TV fees.

Keeping an eye on costs and growth

For Pietro Supino, publisher of the TX Group, it is very important that Swiss media companies not only focus on costs, but also increasingly on growth again. Advertising must also play an important role in this context again in the future. In this context, he pleaded for an "advertising alliance" of all media. "None of us can do it alone". (sda.)

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