Zattoo offers replay TV without additional fee and introduces skip function for TV commercials

From October 4, 2022, the industry agreement on which broadcasters and distributors have agreed with the new joint tariff 12 will be officially implemented. The TV streaming provider Zattoo will continue to offer 7 days of replay TV for its Ultimate and Premium subscription models in Switzerland.

The prices for both subscription models remain stable and will not be increased, Zattoo announces. In the Ultimate subscription, Zattoo additionally improves the user experience for Replay TV and introduces a skip function for skipping TV commercials.

Last year, TV broadcasters and distributors reached an industry agreement in the course of the so-called "Joint Tariff 12" (GT12) on a legal framework that will ensure the availability of time-shifted TV content in Switzerland in the future. This is intended to compensate for the advertising revenues that are lost due to the fast-forwarding of commercial breaks.

With Zattoo still 7 days replay TV without additional fee

The industry agreement provides for either additional advertising or a higher license fee for the future use of replay TV, which is to be paid by the distributors to the stations. Each broadcaster decides for itself how to implement this agreement on its own platform. Under the agreement, Zattoo will continue to offer 7 days of replay TV without any additional fee to its Swiss users. This means that Zattoo will not increase the prices for its own subscription models, which will remain at CHF 20 per month for the Ultimate subscription and CHF 12 per month for the Premium subscription, as before. Zattoo will not charge an additional fee for Replay TV.

"Under the industry agreement, we continue to offer our users a comprehensive and convenient TV experience without increasing the price. With the introduction of the new skip function in the Ultimate subscription, we are even improving the user experience for replay TV and time-shifted content," explains Constanze Gilles, General Manager Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) at Zattoo.

New skip function for skipping TV commercials

With the Ultimate subscription, Zattoo will continue to offer 7 days of ad-free Replay TV without any additional fee. This is because the monthly license fee incurred for Replay usage under the industry agreement will be covered by Zattoo in the future and will not be passed on to subscribers. In addition, Zattoo will improve the user experience for time-shifted content in the Ultimate subscription from September 27 by integrating a new skip function: as soon as the usual TV commercial starts in the current stream, a skip button will be displayed, allowing the entire commercial to be skipped. The skip function is available for all broadcasters that have signed the industry agreement. It may be that the technical implementation is not yet complete for some broadcasters at the time of launch. However, this will be done quickly. For all other stations, the commercial break can be skipped as usual.

Premium subscription with short commercial clips instead of usual commercial break

In the future, there will also be no additional charge for time-shifted content in the Premium subscription. Instead, a commercial clip of a maximum length of 7 seconds will be displayed in replay TV before the start of a program. If a program is paused, a static advertisement will be displayed during this time. In the case of time-shifted broadcasts, as soon as viewers reach the station's TV commercial block and they want to fast-forward it, a short insertion of commercial clips with a maximum length of 130 seconds follows. Thus, even in the premium subscription, viewers do not have to watch the entire commercials of several minutes, but only a few short spots. Under the Joint Rate 12, all revenues from the additional commercials are passed on in full to the TV broadcasters.

The changes in the Ultimate and Premium subscription apply to all broadcasters that have signed the joint industry agreement. An overview of the participating broadcasters is available at here. For all other channels, the use of Replay TV remains unchanged, including the ability to fast-forward through commercials.

For users of the ad-financed Zattoo Free model, nothing will change in the future as a result of the Joint Tariff 12, as Replay TV will not be available here either, as before.

A Overview of the participating stations


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