Location promotion Zürioberland launches its own magazine

Starting in October 2022, the Zürioberland location development agency will publish a magazine. The Zürioberland Magazine focuses on the special qualities of the Zurich Oberland living and business region and offers companies a regional advertising platform.

With portraits, exciting background reports and services on the living and economic region of the Zurich Oberland, the magazine offers readers a diverse mix of topics that invites them to discover. The print product will be published for the first time on October 28, 2022, and is intended to inspire residents and newcomers, customers of local businesses and guests of the region alike.

Giacinto In-Albon, Head of Business at SZO, is responsible for the new launch: "The magazine strengthens the voice of the region and focuses on the special qualities of the Zurich Oberland."

Public circulation and targeted verse

The Zürioberland Magazine is published with an initial circulation of 5,000 copies and, with its content that lasts over a longer period of time, forms a counterpoint to the fast-moving and predominantly digital information of today. It is distributed in the greater Zurich Oberland area, Winterthur, Lake Zurich, Obersee and in the city of Zurich and reaches a large number of people, companies and organizations through targeted mailings and public circulation at well-frequented locations such as hotels, restaurants, stores and doctors' offices. In the future, every new resident will also receive a copy.

Produced and marketed in the region

The SZO is the publisher of the free magazine. It is produced and printed in Wetzikon, and marketed by a partner in Gossau ZH. In-Albon is proud of the new concrete example, which underlines the vision of the SZO: "Because in the Zürioberland, visionary ideas meet fertile ground and ambitious projects find a positive climate." The magazine is financed through the sale of advertisements. Bookings are now open, and SZO members benefit from preferential rates.

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