Councillor Baumer in the EWZ and Energy Zürich podcast

EWZ launched the energy podcast Vitamin E in cooperation with Energy Zürich this spring. In the fourth episode, City Councillor Michael Baumer is the special guest on the topic of supply security.

The podcast says it brings "entertaining episodes around nasty energy issues for a young audience."

Electricity could become scarce in winter, quotas for large consumers or even periodic shutdowns could soon be a reality. In the new episode, you can learn more about why Zurich and Switzerland are dependent on the solidarity of Europe, how you can make a big contribution with little things and why a jolt must now go through the population.

Vitamin E, the energy podcast from EWZ and Energy Zürich is easy to understand, instead of just for nerds. Sandro Galfetti and Nadia Goedhardt find out amazing things when they interview ewz director Benedikt Loepfe and his guests, this time city councilor Michael Baumer. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google as well as Energy and ewz.

For young people with no prior knowledge, it becomes clearer episode by episode that many things are not that complicated. Can I heat my home with seawater? Can net zero be explained with the analogy of the bank account balance at the end of the month? How can we get rid of fossil fuels as soon as possible so that we don't end up like dinos? In a short format of 15 minutes, we provide practical answers every month in a fun, in-depth interview. ewz is not only fulfilling its supply mandate, but also strengthening trust in the company by conveying context and knowledge.

The podcast will be promoted on Energy's social media channels with Instastories and posts as well as on Energy Zurich with radio spots, and also on EWZ's social media channels.

Responsible at EWZ: Livia Waldesbühl (Project Management), Hadrien Jean-Richard (Head of Storytelling & Communication Services), Thöme Jeiziner (Content, Team Media & Public Affairs), Fabrice Göldi, Julia Weber (Social Media), Pascal Schaub (Head of Marketing & Communication).


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