Sunrise launches free TV offer via Yallo - Wilmaa disappears

The telecoms group Sunrise has launched a free TV offer financed by advertising via its low-cost brand Yallo. "Yallo Free TV" is comparable to the streaming service Wilmaa, which Sunrise purchased in summer 2020, and will also replace it at a later date.


The TV service, which is financed by advertising, can also be used by non-Yallo customers. "Yallo Free TV" is available via Apple TV and certain Android TV devices as well as the "Yallo TV Box" or via app and using an Internet browser, Sunrise announced on Tuesday.

As with Wilmaa, two to five commercials will be shown, for example, when playing recordings or changing stations. The station can then be changed as often as desired for 30 minutes without commercial interruption, it says.

With the free offer, however, it is not possible to use a replay function or to program continuous recordings. Recordings made, which are only available after registration, are deleted after 14 days. Furthermore, use on the TV is limited to 30 hours per month.

Sunrise also emphasized that the Wilmaa streaming service would be available for the time being, but would be replaced entirely by "Yallo Free TV" at a later date. (SDA)

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