Social plan for employees of Tamedia printing plant in Bussigny in place

According to the unions, "a satisfactory" social plan has been agreed between the employees of the Lausanne printing center in Bussigny VD and the Tamedia Group. Around half of the 130 employees will be able to remain at the Vaud site as part of the restructuring of the center planned from 2023.

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Tamedia had informed the staff about the restructuring at the beginning of May. The background to the change is a new shift model, which is to be introduced at the beginning of 2023. This is intended to enable balanced employment in day and night operations.

"By the end of May, a consultation with the staff commission was carried out, and from mid-June the individual measures were pronounced," a spokesman for TX Group, the owner of Tamedia, told the Keystone-SDA news agency on Thursday when asked. Specifically, the measures involved contract changes, layoffs with job offers at the Bern printing center and early retirements.

Perspective within Tamedia

"All employees were offered career prospects within Tamedia in personal discussions. A new social plan, largely based on the previous version and supplemented by accompanying benefits in the event of a change of work location, was concluded at the beginning of July," the Group announced, without giving exact figures.

"Between 65 and 70 people are likely to remain at the Bussigny site, i.e. a good half of the workforce," said the Syndicom union. Syndicom also confirmed that every employee had received a job offer. The transfers to the Berne printing center, the voluntary departures and the early retirements would have limited the redundancies at the end of December.

Syndicom describes the social plan as "satisfactory". "The negotiations went well. Agreement was reached on the two or three most important points raised by the personnel committee," said a Syndicom spokesman.

No forced transfers

For example, there will be no forced transfers to the Bern site. Employees who refuse the transfer will be entitled to the social plan and severance payments.

Following the restructuring announced in May, Syndicom had accused Tamedia of once again using the measure to increase the company's profits at the expense of French-speaking Switzerland. ( reported).

The union stressed that the decline in volume given as the reason for the restructuring was due in particular to measures taken by Tamedia itself, such as the discontinuation of the print edition of Le Matin Semaine or the reduction of the number of pages of the other titles. In Bussigny, among others, the daily newspapers 24 Hours and Le Temps printed. (SDA)

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