Keystone-SDA integrates sports and creates content development

The Keystone-SDA news agency is making a change in the structure of its editorial department. Sports will be integrated into the overall editorial team. At the same time, the agency is creating a content development team to drive innovation.


Until now, sports was an independent editorial department at Keystone-SDA. Now it will be integrated into the overall editorial team to create more synergies. This was announced by the news agency headquartered in Bern on Wednesday. The two sports teams will be led by Valentin Oetterli and Gilles Mauron. They will be integrated as departments into the German- and French-language editorial teams, respectively, and will now be headed by Nicole Meier, editor-in-chief of the German-language editorial team, and Federico Bragagnini, editor-in-chief of the French-language editorial team.

Data and automation

Sandro Mühlebach, the current Editor-in-Chief of Sports, will take over as Head of Content Development. This newly created department, with resources from the editorial team, is intended to provide Keystone-SDA's departments with the necessary resources and skills for continuous development. The team will take on a variety of tasks. Namely, existing vessels and content are to be further developed and data and automation projects are to be advanced. The needs of the customers are at the center of this.

These adjustments are based on a comprehensive restructuring program in recent months. Among other things, the news agency is adapting its product range and sharpening its services for 2023. (SDA)

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