Sandra Leis and Susanne Witzig leave SRF Culture Department

Starting in fall 2022, SRF's culture department will be reorganized into multimedia teams. Sandra Leis (Head of Editorial "Culture & Society") and Susanne Witzig (Head of "Background & Podcast") have decided to leave SRF.

Sandra Leis (left), Editorial Director Current Affairs / Art&Society, and Susanne Witzig, Editorial Director Background & Podcast. (Photos: SRF/Valérie Chételat and Oscar Alessio)

Starting in the fall of 2022, SRF's culture department will be reorganized into eleven multimedia teams. Each leader in the new multimedia teams will now also work in programming. The previous level of department heads will be abolished. Two managers, Sandra Leis and Susanna Witzig, have decided to leave SRF.

Sandra Leis has held various positions at Radio SRF 2 Kultur since 2012. Since 2019, she has been head of the 25-strong "Culture & Society" editorial team. In recent years, she has been in charge of the successful journalistic and personnel merger of the editorial teams "Aktualität" and "Kontext" of Radio SRF 2 Kultur. She has been responsible for the daily current affairs programs including "Kultur kompakt", the podcast "Kontext" as well as the background programs "Künste im Gespräch", "Kultur-Talk" and "Passage". She has also worked regularly for the program as an author, discussion leader and producer.

Susanne Witzig started at Radio SRF 3 in 2003 as a day-to-day manager (TAV) and, in addition to programming, was responsible for larger projects such as the project management of "Jeder Rappen zählt" (2012-2014) or the development of the IT specialist editorial department (today SRF Digital). In 2015, she became the first Program Developer Radio and in 2018 she took over the management of the newly founded editorial department "Background and Podcast". During this time, she and her teams developed podcasts such as "Edi - Leben am Limit", "Quotenmänner", "Sykora Gisler" or "Zivadiliring".

The previous functions of Sandra Leis and Susanne Witzig will be taken over by offer managers and team coaches who will jointly lead the respective multimedia team from fall 2022.

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