Nau Media receives CHF 7.5 million in new capital

The news portal is receiving new money through a share capital increase. According to a company statement on Wednesday, Swiss investors will inject around 7.5 million Swiss francs.

The management of COO Simon Klopfenstein, CEO Yves Kilchenmann and Editor-in-Chief Micha Zbinden (from left to right). (Image: zVg.)

About a year ago, the Nau owners had sold the Livesystems company to Swiss Post ( reported). Livesystems is responsible for news on numerous screens in public spaces, namely on public transport. The news platform remained with Nau Media.

Now the company structures have been simplified, as the company announced on Wednesday. A relaunch of the news platform and app is due next week. "With the new capital, we will ignite a new phase," CEO Yves Kilchenmann is quoted as saying in the release.

In the Bern-based Tamedia newspapers on Wednesday, Kilchenmann makes it clear: "The planned expansion is not about news, it's about what you can do with reach." He mentioned, for example, paid content, i.e. paid advertising articles, but also job platforms, online classifieds and e-commerce. With the relaunch, the new local pages should also catch the eye more quickly.

Nau Media is owner-managed and based in Liebefeld near Bern. Around 70 people work for the news portal. In addition to setting topics, the focus on search engines is one of the success factors. (SDA)

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