Ringier invests in justice software

Ringier Group and Decalia Capital take a minority stake in Edge Strategy, a diversity, inclusion and equality software.

Edge Strategy Ringier
(Screenshot: Edgeempower.com)

The investment in the company will help Edge founder Aniela Unguresan and her management team drive international development.

Edge Strategy is a "software as a service" solution for measuring, accelerating, and certifying gender equity and intersectional justice. It enables organizations to effectively promote and manage a diverse workforce. Edge Certification was officially launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2011 and the assessment methodology is implemented in the form of an online tool. Edge Strategy's current client base consists of over 200 large organizations in 50 countries across 30 different industries.

Aniela Unguresan, founder of Edge Strategy, says: "Organizations and their various stakeholders have recognized the paramount importance of diversity, equality and inclusion to achieve fairer conditions in the work environment as well as society. The investment helps us step on the gas on this journey to make real change."

Ringier CEO Marc Walder, explains: "Ringier is using its publishing and technological power to promote gender equality. We do this through the EqualVoice initiative, which aims to make women more visible in the media and to give women and men an equal voice. The core of our initiative is the measurement of the gender share in the contributions of our media brands through the EqualVoice Factor based on a semantic algorithm. We are convinced: Only what is measured is implemented."

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