Stefan Nägeli becomes Head of Audio/Video for the Südostschweiz media family

The newly designed audio/video division of the Südostschweiz media family has a new head in Stefan Nägeli. Now still working as deputy editor-in-chief at Zürcher Oberland Medien, Nägeli takes up his new post on October 1.

The 57-year-old Stefan Nägeli thus takes over from Daniel Sager and Jürgen Törkott, who previously managed the two channels TV Südostschweiz and Radio Südostschweiz.

Nägeli is currently deputy editor-in-chief of Zürcher Oberland Medien, where he is responsible for the digital-first strategy including video. Previously, he was overall head of Tele Top for 13 years.

Nägeli will be responsible for the newly conceived joint Audio/Video division and thus for the audio and video productions that the Südostschweiz media family currently distributes on social media, on several online channels and still via TV Südostschweiz and Radio Südostschweiz. The audio/video division is now also working according to the digital-first principle.

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