Fredy Bayard sells Walliser Bote to leading employees

Management buyout at the Valais Messenger: Fredy Bayard sells the majority of his shares in the Pomona Media publishing group to senior employees.

Walliser BoteBayard itself remains a minority shareholder with a 5.55 percent stake. This is intended to keep the company independent and rooted in the Upper Valais, says Bayard.

The purchase price will be financed by a vendor loan from Fredy Bayard, Valaiscom, which operates the Upper Valais cable network, and a loan from the Cantonal Bank of Valais, according to a statement Wednesday. It will be amortized over a portion of future profits within the next few years, according to a statement Wednesday.

In 2018, Bayard had acquired Mengis Druck und Verlag AG, which in turn took over the majority of shares in local radio station RRO a year later. In 2020, the pomona app was launched as a joint product of the Valaisan messengers1815 and Radio Rottu Oberwallis (RRO).

"After Mode Bayard, Valmedia and Terre & Nature in Lausanne, this is my fourth management buyout. I have had good experience with this type of succession arrangement so far," Bayard is quoted as saying in the statement.

To the Bieler Tagblatt A development similar to that of the Walliser Boten. A management buyout is one of several options there, Bayard told the Keystone-SDA news agency on Wednesday. However, it is not yet that far. The Biel-based media group Gassmann, which owns the Bieler Tagblatt and that Journal du Jura publishes, had purchased Bayard as of January 1, 2021. (sda.)

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