BMQ Partners Launches "Marketing Wonderland" Podcast

The agency BMQ Partners celebrates with "Marketing Wonderland" podcast premiere. Outstanding guests and surprising facts from marketing are promised.

For the first season, Claudia Gabler, CCO of BMQ Partners, invites five selected guests to the Podcast Tower in Zurich to talk to them about the impact of content marketing. The guests take the listeners on a surprising and sometimes unheard-of journey into their realm of priceless experiences and learnings.

The first season on content marketing was produced in collaboration with podcast and radio professional Myriam Zumbühl (SRF / Harvest Productions Zurich). The podcast is aimed at entrepreneurs and decision-makers who want to know what characterizes effective content marketing and what makes companies even more successful. Over the next five weeks, a new episode of "Marketing Wonderland" will appear every Friday on the usual podcast platforms.

Content marketing explained in a new way

The podcast delves into the world of content marketing, discovering new things and looking at familiar things in a different light. With the "Sparks of Wonder", abstract marketing terms are explained in an enlightening new way - even understandable for marketing laymen.

In the first episode, Andrea Bleicher, storyteller of Panda & Penguin, reveals the ingredients needed for a "kitchen call story" - that is, a good story. In the following episodes, Sandy Oppliger (Director Sales at Electrolux), Benedikt Germanier, (CEO of the iconic ski brand zai), Alexandra Kruse (lifestyle and astro-queen) and Nina Müller (CEO of Jelmoli) will be guests.

The three most important ingredients: Courage, authenticity and "Do it

In each episode, the podcast guests share three practical tips that anyone can implement immediately. What they all have in common is the courage to break new ground, to remain authentic, and most importantly: to do it! Because only those who get their marketing off the ground can gain experience, learn from it and reach the next level. "With these precious takeaways in our luggage, we'll move on and hear from you again for the second season at the latest, when we set course for digital marketing with Marketing Wonderland," says Claudia Gabler from BMQ.

 The first episode

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