Beer, ballet and song: The Screenforce Day 2022

Around 250 guests from the media industry gathered at the Kongresshaus in Zurich on Tuesday for TV insights, networking, brunch and lunch: Screenforce Day took place "live" for the first time since the pandemic began.

Screenforce Day 2022

For two years, the Swiss media industry had to do without Screenforce Day - at least "live": The meeting organized by Admeira, Goldbach, CH Media and IGEM with a focus on TV and moving image advertising could only take place virtually due to the pandemic. As is well known, however, most of the Corona measures have now been lifted - and so Screenforce Day was allowed to return to the Kongresshaus Zurich on Tuesday. Around 250 people gathered there, guided through the program by RTL presenter Wolfram Kons.

TV presenter Wolfram Kons led through the program of Screenforce Day 2022 (Image: zVg.).

New Screenforce study

At the beginning of the event, the current Screenforce study on the topic of "Credibility of Moving Image Channels" was presented. Researcher Janina Kauz used figures and video excerpts from the in-depth interviews to show that TV - and the advertising played on it - enjoys higher credibility among the test persons than other moving image channels. Youtube, but also apps such as Tiktok or Instagram, performed significantly worse than "classic" television.

Not a song of praise, but also open criticism

However, the event was not simply a song of praise for TV: In his presentation, Martin Krapf, the long-standing Managing Director of Screenforce Germany and current President of The Global TV Group, took an international look at TV. On the one hand, he spoke about the current challenges of the medium, and on the other hand, he referred to various international studies that prove the advantages of TV as an advertising medium. Afterwards, the new research approach Hi-Res TV Boost was staged with the audience on site with a kind of sample ballet. The speakers Dr. Tanja Hackenbruch and Dr. Mirko Marr, CEO and Head of Research at Mediapulse, thus presented in an understandable way how the new research approach works.

Beer, song and networking

In the presentation by Stefano Semeria, Head of Distribution at SRF, the audience learned how data can be used to create new and, above all, successful TV formats. In addition, Jérôme Rueff, Brand Portfolio Director of Feldschlösschen, presented how to successfully position one's own brand with emotionality and reach. The event was then concluded by the well-known innovation expert Gerriet Danz. In his presentation - which included a vocal interlude from the audience - he named the top factors for successful change. The official part of the event ended with Wolfram Kons' farewell words, and the audience took advantage of the subsequent stand-up lunch for extensive networking.

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