Sprayer from Zurich designs issue of NZZ am Sonntag

More than forty years ago, the artist Harald Naegeli sprayed his fantasy figures on the concrete of the city of Zurich as a nocturnal phantom. Then he was arrested and convicted. In 2020, he was honored with the city's art award. Now he designed an edition of the NZZ on Sunday.

The front page designed by Harald Naegeli of the NZZ on Sunday and the artist with mask.

Dark apocalyptic scenes of charcoal and ink for once encase the title and final page of the NZZ on Sunday Other demonic figures, dancing skeletons and smaller interventions can be found on the full page and also in the margins of the art edition. The drawings are the work of Zurich artist Harald Naegeli. In use are works created from 2018 to 2022, some of them especially for this issue. In an interview with Peer Teuwsen, Head of Culture at the NZZ on Sunday, and NZZ Magazine-editor Urs Bühler, the artist explains: "You could also call it the demony of the unconscious. The theme is death and the present war."

Harald Naegeli became internationally known with his unmistakable graffiti. In his works with charcoal and ink, he developed his own formal language, which is also recognizable in his graffiti. The culture section of the NZZ on Sunday is devoted entirely to the artist in this art issue. In addition to the double-page interview, readers can look forward to a portrait of the 82-year-old by Urs Bühler and an article on his graphic work by NZZ on Sunday-art critic Gerhard Mack. After returning to his native city, Urs Bühler regularly visited the artist in his studio on Hottingerplatz. He says of the collaboration: "We have won over an artist for this project whose life story as well as artistic career is fatefully linked to Zurich. It is not without reason that Harald Naegeli is also called the forefather of graffiti art: His sovereign style has secured a place in the collective memory for his most famous figures, while at the same time his works in public space have polarized for over four decades. In this special NZZ on Sunday-edition, his qualities as a versatile draftsman can now be discovered."

Federal page "Culture", designed by Harald Naegeli.
Federal page "Economy", designed by Harald Naegeli.


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