Coop launches digital magazine "Scoop!

On Friday, Coop launched the digital magazine "Scoop!" on Tiktok and Instagram. The supplement for the Coopzeitung and the Coopzeitung Weekend is aimed at the young generation. The platform is intended for open discussion, loud laughter and creative production.

Scoop!The young generation is determined, climate-conscious and opinionated - and also changes the future sustainably with its voice. For this target group, Coop launched a new interactive magazine on Friday.

Fresh, young and brave

The new digital magazine Scoop! covers a wide range of different topics that are relevant to a young target group and strike a chord with the times. Sustainability, health, friendship, leisure, and serious thought-provoking and pointed stories on social discourse alternate with fresh trends and light-heartedly funny content. These topics are packaged as "brain snacks for your everyday life" - short multimedia formats that trigger an "aha" experience and make you want more.

Editorial and collaborative

Scoop! pursues a social-first strategy and focuses its presence on Tiktok and Instagram under the name @scoop.mag. The content is edited by the young Scoop!-team or created collaboratively in cooperation with Swiss influencers. In addition, the Scoop! with brands whose messages fit the digital magazine and meet the demands of the community. Through co-determination of the topics and interaction with the followers, the digital magazine should grow, develop further and always be tailored to the needs of the young generation.

Supplement to the Coop newspaper

The "Genossenschaftliches Volksblatt" was published as the Coop newspaper for the first time in 1902. It is now Switzerland's biggest weekly newspaper, with more than three million readers. In 2020, the daily newspaper received Coop newspaper Weekend Reinforcement in the form of a weekend magazine. The Coop newspaper Weekend has since been published weekly on Fridays in the Bund of 20 minutes. Scoop! Should now complete the portfolio with the inclusion of the young target group.

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