Glaswerk Consulting launches Marketing & Sales Podcast "Glasklar

The Glaswerk agency from Baden has launched the podcast "Glasklar". True to the motto "Deep dive in short time", Tobias Gläser and Ralph Müller discuss topics from the fields of marketing and sales.

Tobias Gläser (left) and Ralph Müller have launched the Poscast Glasklar. (Image: zVg.)

There are many books about sales and marketing that impart detailed knowledge, follow convictions, set accents, cast highlights, enhance or question everyday life. Sometimes specialist books provide the theory for practice in retrospect. In direct customer contact, things are often different. Many topics and plans have to face the imponderables of everyday business life.

Because as a rule, it is not a matter of implementing theories, but of achieving the entrepreneurial goals of the client, according to a statement from Glaswerk Consulting. The best solutions are found from the respective framework conditions of a customer order - in the interest of the customer.

A podcast based on experience

The new Glasklar podcast has "Deep dive in short time" as its goal. In a short time, as much thematic depth as possible should be produced. Thus, the podcast is not a lecture, not a radio play, and not a theory mediation. Rather, it is meant to show where theory becomes practice, collides with it, or catapults us into the future.

Tobias Gläser from Glaswerk Consulting and Creative Director Ralph Müller, the creators behind the format, briefly convey and measure their knowledge, experience and positions in the talks.

Glasklar is intended to stimulate conversation and also allows false assumptions if they lead to the right conclusions. Because according to Glaswerk, this much freedom must be allowed.

The Podcast is aimed at all those interested in marketing and sales. So far, 14 episodes have been published:

  1. Monster project website - without headaches to the new appearance
  2. What a contemporary marketing strategy should include
  3. How is digitalization changing marketing?
  4. Is success measurable?
  5. Why do companies need content?
  6. In- and outsourcing: Do we have to be able to do everything ourselves in marketing?
  7. Marketing and Sales Leadership: What Matters
  8. Social media: A gift entry into digital marketing
  9. Relevance: What matters? How we think and act
  10. Miracle Weapon Story. The power of storytelling.
  11. Marketing and law. What you can and can't do?
  12. Another podcast? Please don't.
  13. Marketing Automation: How do I get started?
  14. The big marketing and sales question roulette
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