Reach magazine launches "reach out by jess"

With the new video format, Galledia Publishing's influencer magazine is tapping into the emerging field of video TV with a total of 16 episodes. reach out by jess" is hosted by Jessica Simon

reach out by jessThe online blogger and influencer magazine's recurring show "reach out by Jess". Reach deals with exciting personalities from the influencer, blogger, model, show and music scene. Jessica Simon takes a closer look at the guests and does not shy away from asking personal questions. The show reports informatively, entertainingly and honestly on a wide variety of topics and is humorous, provocative and investigative.


In the first episode, top model Manuela Frey is the guest. She says: "I want to convey to young people - and young models - that they are all beautiful. And that they can stand up for themselves and their rights."

Top model Manuela Tatjana Frey has returned to her home country after years in New York, and is learning to love Switzerland all over again. Thanks in part to her new role as a testimonial for diversity. In the talk, she talks about modeling, sustainability, and her fast-paced plans for the future.

The sponsors are Shoppi Tivoli, YSL Beauty,, Paul Mitchell and Crocs.

First guest at "Reach out by jess": Model Manuela Tatjana Frey



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