Cartoon of the year: Climate crisis beats Corona

In a single drawing, Felix Schaad links the climate crisis, the refugee crisis and our powerlessness to find solutions. His multi-layered image is voted Swiss Caricature of the Year 2021 by the audience of the exhibition Gezeichnet 2021.

Karikatur des Jahres
1st place: Felix Schaad on climate change and refugee misery.

The condensed reality contained in caricatures is often anything but funny. Balancing these two levels is the great art of press illustrators. Once a year, the Museum of Communication, in cooperation with the association Gezeichnet, shows the best Swiss press drawings in a well-attended exhibition. The public votes for the caricature of the year.

The winner of the latest vote is cartoonist and caricaturist Felix Schaad from Winterthur. He is known for his daily drawings in the Tages-Anzeiger and wins the prize for the third time after 2013 and 2017. His work sums up the strengths of the press drawing well: In a large arc that is only feasible in drawing, he subtly puts climate change and refugee misery together. The common denominator is our powerlessness to find solutions to pressing problems. The polar bears benefit from the Jö effect, but nevertheless perish. As viewers, we are left pensive.

Framework Agreement and Corona in Second and Third Place

Second place goes to Jürg Kühni with his drawing on the framework agreement with the EU: Switzerland and the EU, that just doesn't want to go together. It is somewhat surprising that in the second pandemic year, the Corona theme only comes in third place. A certain fatigue seems to be spreading. Ruedi Widmer's drawing receives the third most approval. It humorously sums up the presence of Corona in connection with the vaccination card.

The exhibition "Drawn - The Best Press Drawings in Switzerland" was launched in 2008 and makes a guest appearance at the Museum of Communication in Bern between December and February each year. The next edition will take place from December 16, 2022 to February 26, 2023.

2nd place: Jürg Kühni on the framework agreement with the EU
3rd place: Ruedi Widmer on the subject of Corona and vaccination.

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