Studio Thom Pfister launches Enjoy for Haco Foodservice

Enjoy is intended to act as a new source of inspiration and creativity for Swiss gastronomy. Regular reports on the latest trends, stories and portraits, as well as news from the world of gastronomy and the food industry.

Studio Thom Pfister was commissioned by Haco Foodservice with the conception and implementation of Enjoy. The result is an informative and appealing digital magazine. Studio Thom Pfister brought Simone Ott, Image and Content, on board as editor-in-chief. Simone Ott has many years of experience in content creation and is a food specialist. The digital campaign will be launched on social media in April. Sandro Jungi from Clockwork Digital joins the team for the playout.

At the same time with goes Haco Swiss went live with a new website. This was also designed, implemented and programmed in-house by Studio Thom Pfister. Enjoy appears in German and French, the Haco Swiss website is now available in German, French, Italian and English.

Haco Swiss is part of the Haco Group with around 1,200 employees and is known for individual and innovative food products. Tailor-made products and services are developed for a wide variety of customer needs and distributed worldwide. Haco Foodservice develops and produces fresh and dry convenience products for the Swiss food service industry.

Responsible at Haco: Dominik Büchel (Head of Marketing and Sales), Jobst Zabel (Head of Foodservice), Giulio Guadagnin (Head of Central Sales, Marketing and KAM), Anja Böninger (Digital Lead). Responsible at Studio Thom Pfister: Thom Pfister (Creative Director, Idea/Concept), Ursula Rytz (Consulting), Roland Zenger (Art Director), Daniel Hackiewicz (Graphic Design & Web Development), Kim Wüthrich (Graphic Design). Editorial: Image and Content, Simone Ott (Editor-in-Chief): Online marketing: Clockwork Digital, Sandro Jungi (Founder).

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