"Gipfelstürmer": Stefan Büsser presents Swiss TV highlights

Comedian and presenter Stefan Büsser presents his 24 Swiss TV highlights from the past to the present.

«Gipfelstürmer»: Stefan Büsser präsentiert Schweizer TV-HighlightsIn addition, the protagonists of these stories tell from today's perspective about the events of that time, and what came out of it.

"Gipfelstürmer" is designed to appeal to all generations: From "Motel" to "Ventil" to "Young, wild and sexy". TV zapper "Büssi" has picked out his 24 Swiss TV highlights and presents them with wit and a whole lot of "Ah, yes! effect". Those involved from back then also have their say. For example, former ski racer Paul Accola tells how he came to be on "Wetten, dass...?" and swinger Christian Stucki reveals whether he became wrestling king thanks to a Senegalese ritual.

Many other contemporary witnesses comment on the clips from their point of view - among them former Federal Councilor Adolf Ogi, Frank Baumann, Baschi, Paola Felix, Ramon Zenhäusern, Sandra Studer and Patrick Rohr. The show is set in a completely fictional world. Comedian Stefan Büsser and his guests report from inside an old television set.

The program will be broadcast on Saturday, March 19, 2022, at 8:10 p.m. on SRF1.

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