Swiss radios collected 1'000'000 francs for Ukraine

In collaboration with the Swiss Red Cross (SRC), Swiss private radio stations held a national donation day on Wednesday and together collected more than 1 million Swiss francs.

Hundreds of thousands of people are in need or on the run because of the war in Ukraine and need help. Yesterday, the Swiss private radio landscape showed overwhelming unity for a charitable cause. All radios reported extensively on the emergency throughout the day. Besides the President of the Swiss Confederation Ignazio Cassis, many celebrities such as Lo & Leduc, Beatrice Egli, Dominique Gisin, Stefanie Heinzmann, Stress, Anna Rossinelli, Linda Fäh, Christa Rigozzi and others expressed their solidarity for the people in Ukraine. The mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko and his brother Wladimir Klitschko were also heard live from Kiev.

Countless interventions by listeners from the community complemented the program and illustrated the enormous solidarity in Switzerland.

The joint solidarity day of the 31 private radio stations was organized and implemented within a very short time. The presenters mobilized not only on the microphone with a lot of heart and soul, but also on their personal social media channels. Roger Spillmann, Chief Radio Officer at Radio Energy, is overwhelmed: "It is very impressive to see how such a solidarity campaign can be set up with a lot of passion and the combined forces of all private radio stations and the SRC. It makes us overjoyed that we can now help the families in need".

Urgently needed help

"The situation is becoming more and more dramatic and depresses us all. The huge solidarity shown on yesterday's donation day is enormously appreciated and will be passed on directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross. The help is urgently needed. Many thanks to all private radio stations and to all listeners" says Markus Mader, Director of the Swiss Red Cross.

According to Florian Wanner, Head of Radio at CH Media, expectations were clearly exceeded: "We were able to collect over one million francs in donations for the people in need yesterday. The Swiss have clearly shown their solidarity for Ukraine and sent a clear signal. A big thank you belongs to them."

These Swiss-German private radio stations participated in the Solidarity Day: Radio BeO, Sunshine Radio, Radio Central, Radio Top, Radio Eviva, Toxic FM, Canal 3, neo1, Radio 1, 20 Minuten Radio, Radio Rottu, Radio Zürisee, Radio Südostschweiz, Radio Basilisk, Radio Fribourg, Radio 24, Radio 32, Radio Argovia, Radio Bern1, Radio FM1, Radio Pilatus, Flashback FM, Radio Melody, Virgin Radio, Energy Zürich, Energy Bern, Energy Basel, Energy Luzern, Rockit Radio, Schlager Radio and Vintage Radio.

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