Franz&René for FOEN: The environment from a different perspective

The Bernese agency Franz&René has created visuals with a different view of our environment for the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN.

Since 2016, Franz&René, in collaboration with the FOEN, has designed the red thread of the magazine four times a year The environment in the form of a pictorial world that is renewed with each theme. Between very concrete and very abstract, between the duty to restrain and the duty to act, these illustrations, photographs or graphic executions have the task to address, to summarize without abbreviating, and to question without judging.

From print magazine to social media

The first task of these illustration series is to give the reading a rhythm and to visually clarify the content. Above all, however, they must also be able to exist outside the pages of the magazine, especially on social networks. Translating the content from the analog to the digital is intended to communicate the vision supported by FOEN's scientific expertise to a broader audience and encourage them to engage with these issues.

Draw me the ethics

The latest exercise deals with the topic of ethics. A delicate subject that does not give precise answers, but raises questions. The agency therefore treated the topic with great sensitivity and with the help of the colored pencils of illustrator Anna Kövecses, who was commissioned by the agency to visually implement the ideas.

Responsible at FOEN: Jean-Luc Brühlhart (Editorial Director the environment/l'environnement), Elisabeth Arnold (Social Media Manager). Responsible for Franz&René: Valérie Pecalvel (Strategic Direction), Luciano

Gerber (Client Service Direction), Cristina Mollard (Senior Consultant), Yoann Cosson (Creative Direction), Gianluca Terzini (Art Direction), Aline Windler (Graphic Design), Sven Jungo (Graphic Design, Chief of Production). Illustration: Anna Kövecses,

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