Syndicom adopts manifesto for digital public service

At its congress in Langenthal, Switzerland, the Syndicom trade union adopted a manifesto on the digital public service. Especially in times of crisis and upheaval, the public service shows its value.

The delegates at the Syndicom Congress. (Image: Sabine Rock)

The change in the public service in the context of digitalization is central, it said in a statement on Saturday. The manifesto focuses on the digital public service. On the one hand, this is to be understood as the digitalization of supply, but also as new goods and services for the society of the future. Among other things, the manifesto addresses issues of data protection and the threat of a digital divide.

According to Syndicom, the logistics, ICT and media sectors are facing major challenges. A solidarity-based future with fair working conditions and more to live for is therefore only possible with an expansion and transformation of the public service.

On the basis of several resolutions, the 200 or so delegates adopted key demands for a future based on solidarity, it was added. Among other things, they spoke out against the privatization of Postfinance. In addition, they want to support the efforts for a generally binding collective labor agreement (CLA) for delivery with fair wages.

The Congress is the highest body of the union. As a rule, it takes place every four years. In Langenthal, the presidium and the new executive board of Syndicom were also elected.

The Syndicom trade union has over 30,000 members. It represents employees from 13 sectors of the media and communications professions. (SDA)

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