Ringier School of Journalism has questions asked in image campaign

With a large-scale image campaign, the Ringier School of Journalism is now recruiting young talent and at the same time drawing attention to the core of journalism: asking questions. The interactive campaign was designed by the well-known advertiser Frank Bodin and implemented by the Ringier Brand Studio.

The interactive campaign under the claim "The freedom to ask" will run across the entire Ringier and Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland portfolio. The different ad motifs will be seen immediately in Blick, Handelszeitung, Bilanz, Beobachter, and Schweizer Illustrierte - across all channels: print, online, and social media. Via link (ringierjournalistenschule.ch/questions) or QR code, readers or users land directly on the homepage of the Ringier School of Journalism, where they can place the most pressing questions.

The best questions are collected and subsequently used for further motifs. The concept and idea for the interactive campaign came from the well-known advertiser Frank Bodin, who implemented it together with the Ringier Brand Studio. The central message of each subject: "The freedom to ask."

Hannes Britschgi, Head of the Ringier School of Journalism, on the background to the image campaign: "The pandemic has shown how important reliable information is. That creates an obligation. At the Ringier School of Journalism, young journalists learn the journalistic method. The media professionals ask questions and scrutinize every sentence. Our campaign starts exactly there and invites everyone to send in the most pressing questions."

Advertiser Frank Bodin, founder of Bodin Consulting, also emphasizes the importance of journalism: "Why does someone want to become a journalist? To find answers to current questions and thus make an important contribution to society. The guiding idea "The freedom to ask" was born from this thought. To promote the Ringier School of Journalism is a privilege and a matter of the heart for me. Because it is advertising for the journalism of the future and ultimately also advertising for freedom and our democracy."

The Ringier School of Journalism was founded in 1974 and has since been training the next generation of journalists in a two-year, part-time program.

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