From homeless man to city guide: Audiobande creates podcast series "Tito" for Surprise

The new podcast from Surprise tells the story of Tersito "Tito" Ries. From his past as a successful entrepreneur, his fall into debt, alcoholism and homelessness, and finally his path to becoming a Surprise city guide.

The five-part podcast series shows exemplarily how fast one gets into the vicious circle of poverty - and gives an insight into the work of the association.

Tersito "Tito" Ries is the name of the new Surprise city guide in Basel. His story and the path to the premiere of his social city tour is now told in the five-part podcast "Tito - from homeless to city guide".

The 58-year-old has had an eventful life. Growing up sheltered, he experienced his first painful break in life when his parents divorced in childhood. He later worked his way up to become an entrepreneur and plunged into debt, alcohol addiction and homelessness. The podcast tells of this, but also how he slowly regained his footing and began the intensive one-year training to become a Surprise city guide.

The confrontation with his own past was at the beginning of his new job - to bring it into a form and make it narratable. But also, perhaps for the first time, to recognize red threads in it, be they personal strokes of fate or structural social problems.

The podcast gives a behind-the-scenes look at Surprise's work with people experiencing poverty and provides an example of how quickly one can fall into the vicious cycle of poverty - in the words of Tersito Ries, "It can affect anyone and everyone."

The podcast was produced by Audiobande, narrated by award-winning audio producer This Wachter. This is made possible, among others, by the Migros Culture Percentage.

The podcast is available via, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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