Swiss Radio and Television SRF loses the million-dollar lottery ticket

At the end of April 2022, a millionaire will be chosen live for the last time on the SRF show "Happy Day": Swisslos is realigning the lottery business: Winners should no longer have to wait for a Saturday night show.


"Nowadays, anyone who buys a lottery ticket wants to know immediately whether or not they will win," Rolf Kunz, Head of Marketing and Distribution at Swisslos, was quoted as saying in a statement on Friday. That's why, in the future, the main prize of one million francs will also be visible immediately after the purchase.

The million draw was a regular feature of "Happy Day" for around eight years. In 1987, a lottery million was drawn live on Swiss television for the first time in the program "Supertreffer. Five years later, the million draw was part of the fixed program on SRF.

Beni Thurnheer chose a total of 103 people as millionaires in "Benissimo. "Happy Day" will award a million for the 47th - and last - time on April 30, 2022.

SRF is sticking with the Saturday night show despite the reorganization of Swisslos. The show "Happy Day" was already extremely successful before the Swisslos integration, Yves Schifferle, Head of Show, is quoted as saying. The proven core remains. "We fulfill hearts' desires and make the impossible possible." (SDA)

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